• Vehicles traveling in both directions on multi-lane roadway.
  • Vehicles on highway approaching an overpass and right hand exit.

Welcome to the Independence Boulevard Pedestrian Safety Study Website.

NCDOT, the City of Charlotte, and the Town of Matthews have observed pedestrians crossing Independence Boulevard at both dedicated pedestrian crossings and at locations not intended for pedestrian travel. The purpose of this study is to (1) evaluate the history of and risk for pedestrian crashes along Independence Boulevard and (2) identify potential countermeasures or improvements to reduce risk for future pedestrian crashes. The study area spans the length of US 74 (Independence Boulevard) between I-277 in Charlotte and I-485 in Matthews. Partners from each of the local agencies and NCDOT began meeting in Summer 2019 to develop a process for identifying potential safety improvements. The study is expected to be complete by Spring 2020 with draft recommendations for the study team to consider for implementation.

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